Buyer Advice

Are you buying a home?

Most home shopping is done with the heart. But it really makes sense to keep a cool head when you find the dream home. Both the condition report and the electrical installation report on a property tell you about the condition of the home. The condition report gives you a professional overview of the property condition. It makes visible e.g. whether there are cracks in the masonry, incorrectly installed floor drains and problems with moisture. That knowledge both affects the price of the property and shows you where to pay extra attention.

Electricity is to blame for many fires

The electrical installation report is a review of all visible electrical installations on the property. It informs you as the buyer about any illegal conditions and malfunctions. Errors which, in the short or long term, may involve a risk. When selling a property, there must be a valid energy label . The label is a product declaration of the home's energy consumption, which gives you an overview of which energy improvements are profitable to implement. The energy label also allows you to assess the energy condition of the home before making a purchase agreement. All three reports make the condition of the property visible and are an important part of any home sale.